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Jeremiah's time in Taiwan

Saturday, August 8, 2009

F.R.O.G Puzzle Fundraiser

We heard about a fun kind of fundraiser called a Puzzle Fundraiser :) It sounds neat to us so we are going to give it a try :)  We have bought a puzzle that represents Jeremiah and our Journey to him in Taiwan in some way! It has 550 pieces. For every $2 donated to the Puzzle Fundraiser we will put 1 piece in the puzzle! We will be posting pictures of the progress every so often. When we have enough donations to finish the puzzle we will have raised $1100 towards Jeremiahs Adoption fees and we will have the finished puzzle picture posted on the blog. Every $2 donation for a puzzle piece will have a name of the person donating put on the back of the puzzle piece. We will keep the puzzle and put it up in Jeremiah's Room :) He will be able to grow up and see all the names of people who donated to put that puzzle up for him :) Anyone who wants to donate towards our puzzle fundraiser can donate by the chip-in button or email Thank you everyone who can help us out to make this HUGE step in bringing Jeremiah home! :) Please continue to pray for us to raise the needed funds!  Please help spread the word by sharing this fundraiser on your blog and on mypace, facebook, send an email to folks in your address book or any where else you can. If you will do this and send me the link to see how you helped spread the word I will add your name to the Spread the Word Giveaway :) I will add your name once for each different way you spread the word!
Remember only $2 helps put a peice of the puzzle together :)

And as always lets remember who it is ALL about!

Jeremiah Harold Sisemore July 2009