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Jeremiah's time in Taiwan

Monday, May 3, 2010


Hi all :)  I just added this new page to my blog.  There is a link to it above on the menu bar for future looking but here is what it says!  Please look :)

Welcome to Jeremiah's Adoption Shower Fundraiser Page :)  It all started because a far away friend said to me that is I was physically pregnant then most likely someone would give me a baby shower and she would wish she could come but being so far away she would just send a gift! So we were thinking the biggest gift anyone can give Jeremiah is his family!  Soo, the idea was born.  Basically how this works is if you would accept the Baby Shower Invitation, then you get to enjoy shopping for Jeremiah, either at online shops, or in actual stores where you live and then take a picture of what you would buy for Jeremiah for the shower!  Then you would email me the picture of the item and donate what you would have spent on the gift to the Chipin!