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Jeremiah's time in Taiwan

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Hi all,

I wanted to come to y'all today and ask you to PLEASE pray for our newest fundraising venture. One of Noah's Therepist came up with an idea to try and get schools to hold Jeans Days. I thought OH we can call it JEANS FOR JEREMIAH! I LOVE IT! So we set off calling schools. Well, what sounds like a great idea to us not so much to others at least so far on the public school front, BUT I have a friend whose son attends a private school not far from here so we called them. Well, God was definitly in on that decision because the Principal is an adoptive mama herself! We have an appointment Tuesday morning to meet with her all about POSSIBLY doint a Jeans for Jeremiah Day! We meet with her and she goes to the school board and they have to agree to it. PLEASE keep in prayer this meeting and approval. I feel like if we can get this school on board it will help to get others! :) Then we could call and say such and such academy is helping us out with a Jeans for Jeremiah and we were hoping yall might like to help too or something like that! :) Here is the LOGO thingy I made , what do you think???

Please keep little Jeremiah in your prayers. I feel so bad that he sits in Taiwan waiting for us to get our acts together and come get him. We have to have about $3000 in about 3 or 4 weeks so that our case can go to court. PLEASE pray for favor and that we can raise the money quickly. We have a candy sale this saturday at Sam's Club. Please pray it will do above and beyond what we have ever done. Also we are going to talk to walmart about letting us have a day there. PRAYING they will. When we did a day there with our Church kids we raised over $1000 in one day! That was a few years ago before the economy was so bad and folks seemd to buy much more! Also please keep the Camcorder for Jeremiah fundraiser my friend Amanada is running for Jeremiah! And we are still running our $50 Target Gift Card Giveawy till Thanksgiving! That would sure be fun for someone as a Christmas gift!

If you have kids in school and would be willing to ask them if they might hold a Jeans for Jeremiah Day please let me know :) Email me

Please continue as always to pray for Jeremiah and against seizures and that he will receive the BEST medical care possible while he waits. Please keep St. Lucy Center in your prayers as well. I know the Typhoon affected them in some ways and they have so many little ones, so many cases to be working on while lovin these angels till they come home! :) Taiwan as a whole I am sure could use prayer as well! Praying against anymore typhoons. Think they have had enough!

Thanks for caring and your prayers!

Jeremiah sweetie, Hold on tight little man. Keep workin hard in your therapy and soon Jesus will bring us to get you! We can't wait to see you frogie boy! Until then, catch my kisses in the wind!