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Jeremiah's time in Taiwan

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Please pray for the Jumpin for Jeremiah Fundraiser

Please be in prayer for our upcoming Fundraiser Jumpin for Jeremiah this friday night! If you are local please come on out and have a fun night with your kiddos and don't forget your socks! Here is the flyer :)

Special thanks to Jumpin Jupiter for the incredible generosity! Check out their website here

If you live far off and can't come please do pray for us that night and maybe spend some time jumpin! :) heeheee maybe we should have had a jump a thon and had people pledge per jump lol just kidding :)

Check out our Baby Blessings giveaway in an earlier post :)

also if you are not local and want to help we are starting a SPREAD the Word giveaway! The prizes will be

A $25 Gift Card from Target :) or another location of choice if you don't have a Target

and a big beanie frog :)

Here is our new button made for me by Amanda :) Isn't it adorable :) I love the Frog on it for Froggie boy! :) It is on the sidebar too in case this one does not work but I wanted to put it here too :)

Grab This Button

If you would like your name entered in the spread the word giveawy drawing and would like to help bring Jeremiah home then please grab the button and add it to your blog, or any website you use. I know it works on Myspace. Also it works in signature lines on aol. I will put your name in once for every place you place the button to help raise awareness about our Journey. Also if you are willing to email people and ask them to pray for us on our Journey and direct them back to EITHER the family blog or the fundraising blog then I will give you an entry for that as well.