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Jeremiah's time in Taiwan

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Blessings and fundraisers abound :)

I wanted to share some blessings with yall!  It has been a very neat few days.  I have had some just wonderful support from dear friends by way of phone calls, posts, emails, etc at a time when I really was needing that and for that I am eternally thankful! :)  In addition to that things have been kinda nutty, one thing will go wrong and then a blessing shows up :)  I am so thankful for the blessings in my life :)  One such thing is that I was contacted by a couple of dear sweet ladies who felt called to help with Jeremiah's Adoption but weren't really sure what they could do.  So they prayed and put their heads together and decided that they could use their sewing talent to help Jeremiah.  They designed a digitized embroidery set and are selling it on their website FOR JEREMIAH!  They are giving 100 percent of the sales direct to our Adoption Fund!  Is that not amazing.  If you are anyone you know sews and might can use either this set or anything from their webstie PLEASE check them out and support them.  Go to THE CHARMING STATION to see what they are selling for Jeremiah :)  and from their you can explore their whole site :) 

As if that was not enough, they also sell a thing called "monsters" on their website.  Well for quality control purposes they make one of each pattern they sell, to make sure it works right I guess and to photograph for the website maybe.  Anyway they have a bunch of these Monster Samples and they are mailing them to me to sell for Jeremiah! 

They thought maybe we would have an opportunity for another craft show or something and can sell them there and I said, not sure about another show but go ahead and send them and we will sell them somewhere! :)  So just a short time after I find out they are on the way I find out about a craft show coming up for a local Gym to fundraise.  They are renting booth space to others to raise money for the gym.  Anyway the booth and table rental is VERY reasonable and if we have these monsters, and our sonic cards

left over from last time, the things from the last sale that were not perishable and the Born in My Heart Adoption bracelets

 we had donated we will have plenty to sell with no cost other than the space rental :)  So I am actually excited!!! She said at the very least they were hoping to help us make back what we lost at that craft show that flopped.  I am so incredibly blessed that they would do this for us :)

And in addition to the blessing of these ladies and their generosity, We have been blessed to have several folks donating items for us to hold an online auction on the fundraising blog.  I am hoping to have it up by next week.  I am waiting on some information and hoping to get some more donations before we start it.  Basically folks can bid on what they would pay for it and at the end of the auction the highest bidder will win.  Bidders will need to pay postage on the items.  PRAY for us please to get some more donations and that folks will want to bid on the things we have.  Also we will need help spreading the word and those who do will have entries put in our Spread the Word Giveaway that will be drawn right before we travel to Taiwan to get Jeremiah when that GLORIOUS time comes :) 

We also have had a few more folks sign up to be involved in the benefit for Jeremiah that is this friday night!  It is funny a few back out and a few more sign up.  But I know it is going to be an amazing night of giving Praise the Lord for who HE is, who Jeremiah is, what God has done in Jeremiah's life and what He is going to do in all our lives! :)