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Jeremiah's time in Taiwan

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Bake Sale for Jeremiah!

Come buy some Sweets to help our sweetie!

Saturday August 29, 2009
10 AM till 4 PM
Beautiful Bowtique Thrift and Consignment Shop
803 Mason Dr
Bossier City, LA 71112

THANKS so much to the online friend who since she was not local she bought a CYBER Key Lime PIE! :)

All Proceeds go to The Jeremiah Fund

If you are local I can send you a flyer by Email if you would like to help spread the word!

Thank You!

Jeremiah sweetie :) We are baking and selling sweets for you our Sweet frogie boy! Another step to getting you home angel! Catch my kisses in the wind till then babyboy!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Isn't he beautiful?!! :) He has such an angelic face! I love this shot of him sleeping! This was taken August 14th and it says 3:30 pm. I am assuming that is Taiwan time!

This one was taken the same day at 10:28 am So I can now know that he takes a morning and an afternoon nap! :)

This picture was taken August 8, 2009 and it is at 6:23 pm You can sort of see an open eye!

This one was also take August 8, 2009 at 6:23 pm.

PLEASE keep Jeremiah in your prayers for his health and all. Every time I see him I want to get him home quicker and quicker! The doctors and therapist here are anxious too. I have it all lined up and when they see his pics and video's they can't wait to get their hands on him and work with him and such! :) PLEASE be in prayer for our fundraisers! We have a Bake Sale coming up here locally on August 29th! PRAYING it does really well! We are also working on some other ideas and praying we can find a grant that is actually still funded at this point. :) Also please remember the $50 Target Gift Card Giveaway! :) and our Puzzle Fundraiser. So far we have sold 10 peices!!!!! :) With the possibility of 10 more! I can't wait till they are all sold nad the puzzle is READY for Jeremiah's Wall!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

F.R.O.G Puzzle Fundraiser

We heard about a fun kind of fundraiser called a Puzzle Fundraiser :) It sounds neat to us so we are going to give it a try :)  We have bought a puzzle that represents Jeremiah and our Journey to him in Taiwan in some way! It has 550 pieces. For every $2 donated to the Puzzle Fundraiser we will put 1 piece in the puzzle! We will be posting pictures of the progress every so often. When we have enough donations to finish the puzzle we will have raised $1100 towards Jeremiahs Adoption fees and we will have the finished puzzle picture posted on the blog. Every $2 donation for a puzzle piece will have a name of the person donating put on the back of the puzzle piece. We will keep the puzzle and put it up in Jeremiah's Room :) He will be able to grow up and see all the names of people who donated to put that puzzle up for him :) Anyone who wants to donate towards our puzzle fundraiser can donate by the chip-in button or email Thank you everyone who can help us out to make this HUGE step in bringing Jeremiah home! :) Please continue to pray for us to raise the needed funds!  Please help spread the word by sharing this fundraiser on your blog and on mypace, facebook, send an email to folks in your address book or any where else you can. If you will do this and send me the link to see how you helped spread the word I will add your name to the Spread the Word Giveaway :) I will add your name once for each different way you spread the word!
Remember only $2 helps put a peice of the puzzle together :)

And as always lets remember who it is ALL about!

Jeremiah Harold Sisemore July 2009

Friday, August 7, 2009

Baby Blessings Package Winner is..

Today was the drawing for the Baby Blessings Package! :) Thank you to ALL who donated and have been praying for us and spreading the word about Jeremiah! :) Please keep the prayers and spreading the word coming and offer suggestions on money raising ideas you may have! We need alot of money and we need it quickly! (please dont look at my messy house! When will I think to look at what things look like BEFORE I make the video! heehee

And the Winner is:

Congratulations Tiffanie! Tiffanie adopted Gracyn from Taiwan right about the time we adopted our Noah! Tiffanie is expecting her 3rd sweet pea soon so this gift package should come in handy with her newborn baby coming! :) Congrats Tiff and thanks for being my friend and for all the prayer support!

Everyone we still have our $50 Target Gift Card Giveaway going on so if you donate I will put your name in the drawing for that :) I am praying and working on other fundraiser ideas! :)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Last Chance for Baby Blessings Giveaway!

The Baby Blessings Package Giveaway will end tomorow Thursday August 6 at midnight and I will draw sometime on Friday the 7th. This is your last chance to enter to win this gift package worth over $250. For every $5 donation I will put your name in the drawing TWICE! Some lucky generous person is going to have this amazing package in thanks for helping bring Jeremiah home! Why not you? :)

The package includes:

Baby Bjorn Bib in Yellow - the BEST bib on the market. You will never need to launder another bib once you have this.

Mustela 2-in-1 Baby Hair and Body Wash - multi-functional French-milled product that is gentle on baby.

BabyLegs Baby Leg Warmers - 1 set of three leg warmers in your choice of shades of blue or pink - keeps your little one warm and makes diaper changes a breeze since they eliminate the need to pull down tights. (the leg warmers are similar in design to the ones pictured but may be a slightly different style.)

24" Big Ol' Gibson Stuffed Dog by Gund - so soft and lovable, no child can resist cuddling with it. The actual dog has a plush head and a flat body, sort of like a soft blanket with a dog head on it. It comes in its original plastic packaging.

Robeez Soft-Soled Shoes in Size 6-12 Months: Your choice of pink Mary Janes or a boy's style TBD - great shoes for pre-walkers. The best part? Kids can't pull them off!

Pottery Barn plaster handprint kit

This is an amazing package of gifts and will be mailed to the winner direct from the person donating it! :) PLEASE HELP BRING JEREMIAH HOME!