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Jeremiah's time in Taiwan

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Adoption update

I wanted to share where we are with Jeremiah's Adoption. FUNDRAISING as always is the majore word of our life. We are in crunch time at this point. We have been at this 6 months and we have to move quicker. Our paperwork is all being authenticated and all that and we have about 3 weeks to raise $3000 agency payment and $1030 to send in our USCIS and fingerprints. Having 4 Adults in the house is really making that fee HIGH! Anyway, PLEASE be in PRAYER for this as we do all we can and PRAY PRAY for God to show off in a big way! We did meet with the principal of a small private school yesterday about doing a Jeans for Jeremiah day where the kids pay $1 to wear jeans instead of their uniform. She has to take it before the board so it may or may not work, BUT it just so happens that the principal is herself an adoptive mother and very good friends with another adoptive mother! God was SOOOO in all this! Well, she calls this other lady at the school into the office because she herself is good at raising money. They are talking about ways to help us. They want to know total how much more we need and so we are like with travel and all bare minimum about $14,000. They are like, to you that is a big number, but its really not! WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!! To me it might as well be a Million! Anyway, they are tossing ideas left and right, asking if they can share with other people. I told them they could brodcast on the news if they wanted. We NEED HELP! Anyway, prayerfully their "contacts" will be able to help like they think they can and we may have some good fundraisers coming with some folks who are willing to walk alongside and help us! I also got good news that a dear friend is selling some items on Ebay for us! What a blessing! It so blesses my heart that she is wanting to help :) I know that God is going to use this journey to touch so many lives, and I believe that Jeremiah will touch hearts and lives! What testimony it will be when he is home! God bridged the ocean to bring Noah home and we KNOW without GOD it would not have happend. I can hold onto that as we journey to Jeremiah! :) Please keep our fundraisers that are going in prayer. The camcorder fundraiser lasts till the 3rd I believe. Contact Amanda about that one :) We also have our Puzzle Fundraiser going which has not done well at all. That makes me sad because I really was looking forward to having the puzzle up in Jeremiah's room with people's names on the back :) Its only $2 per puzzle peice so I had really hoped it would do well. CLICK HERE to find out more about it! and also our Target GiftCard Giveaway is going on till Thanksgiving. CLICK HERE for more information about that one! We can use ALL the prayer we can get and if you can spread the word that would REALLY REALLY HELP! Please remember we have a Target Card Giveaway going for those who help spread the word about Jeremiah! That will be drawn for right before we actually travel, so each time you help spread the word between now and then you name will be entered. With facebook, myspace, email, sharing with friends, adding the button to all your pages there are so many ways to get the word out. And you never know where God may have a person who has the gift of giving! Thanks for caring yall! It helps alot to KNOW there are some who care, especially when receiving critque and ugly comments from some. Everybody may not agree with my fundraising to bring home Jeremiah, but I would move heaven and earth, STOMP on my pride, and do just about anything it took to help that baby boy come home to a family! Saturday we literally had someone who had money in hand to buy, ask what it was for, take a look at Jeremiah and WALK OFF. He may have cerebral palsy but that angel deserves a family to love him and a chance to have the best life he can! I feel sorry for anyone who can't understand that.

Noah at our Sam's Candy Sale for Jeremiah!

Bobby and Milie selling! LOOK AT THE JUG! WHAT A DAY! Y'all this is our FIFTH Candy Sale in front of Sam's. The most before was 2 hundred something, this time we raised $520!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have a sale the saturday before Thanksgiving and the tuesday before! PRAYING those are at LEAST as good. We might can get some dates before but they won't be a saturday.
We have not gotten new update pics on Jeremiah in a while but the new program director sent me some older pics she had and some of them I HAD NEVER SEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is my favorite picture of Jeremiah to date! It was taken in December 2008 but is a GREAT SHOT!

LOVE that face! :) Looks like he might have been laughing! :)
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Jeremiah my sweet frogie boy! I love you SOOOO much and we are doing ALL we can to come get you as quickly as possible! Hand tight little man and until I get there, catch my kisses in the wind!