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Jeremiah's time in Taiwan

Monday, September 21, 2009

PLEASE Donate and win $50 Target Gift Card!

As a Thank you for donating to help bring Jeremiah home we are still running our $50 Target Gift Card Giveaway!

For a $5 donation to The Jeremiah Fund your name will be entered into the Target card giveaway TWICE! For a $10 donation your name will be entered FIVE times, for $20 and up your name will be entered TWENTY times. Please use the chip in on the sidebar to donate or follow the link to The Jeremiah Fund. PLEASE HELP bring Jeremiah home!

Also please post about this giveaway to your blogs, facebook, myspace, or anywhere that will help spread the word about it including emailing friends and I will give ONE ENTRY for each way you spread the word. (Please comment below or email me at if you post this somewhere or spread the word in some way so that I can credit you your entry.)

And please don't forget our Puzzle Fundraiser! I am anxious to put the puzzle together for Jeremiah and have all the names on the back of people who helped bring Jeremiah home!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Update pics!!!!!!!!

I have been sick, and on top of that have been kinda down because of Money for the adoption of Jeremiah and TRYING not to worry how we are gonna raise all we need and quicker cuz he is waiting and waiting. He is 17 months old now! I can't believe it has been 5 months since I first laid eyes on his face! Today I got on because I knew we should be getting pictures SOON and I wanted to just check IN CASE! Well, sure enough I got the golden email! :) pics and an update :) WOOHOOO :) I am one blessed mama! PLEASE keep Jeremiah, the adoption, FUNDS, and everything to do with it in your prayers!

Don't you just LOVE that shot! :) He is so cute :) These were all taken Sept 9th! They said he smiles alot! I CAN"T wait to have one of those smiles directed at me :)

Another shot of my baby boy! Oh how I ache to reach through the screen and just pick him up! :)

I am a bit worried about the hands. They said in the update his hands and arms are rigid. I know we will be doing some exercising those hands I bet!

This is me and Noah! He LOVES Jeremiah already and gets so excited to see new pics :) He kisses him all the time :) I can't wait to post a picture of me and BOTH MY BOYS together :)
Well, still not feelin great so I am gonna get off again. Hugs and thanks to all for your prayers and friendship.
PLEASE help spread the word about Jeremiah and our target card giveaway that has been extended! :)
Jeremiah honey Mama loves you soooo much. Hold on tight sweet frogie boy and I will be there AS SOON as I can! Until I can hold you, rock you, sing to you, snuggle you, and kiss you catch my kisses in the wind baby!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Please read and Pray!

PRAY!! We NEED prayer covering for funds for Jeremiah's adoption! Please pray for God to show off in a big way in huge donations, big fundraisers,and some grants and loans! Please pray with us for guidance on what fundraisers to do, what grants to apply for, etc! Thank you for caring! If you have read this please comment so we know someone is out there praying and caring!