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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

We have a Winner for the True Glow Gift Set!

Morning All! :)

This morning was the drawing for the Avon True Glow Gift set! :) I had an adorable Assistant to help me draw! :) heeheee We raised $65 total in entries from this giveaway! That is $65 dollars more than we had to begin with! God is so good! :) The first time my helper picks up a handfull instead of one! heehee So without further ado here is the drawing! :)

Congrats to DENISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Denise is over at Millers Miracles and is adopting Jaxson who also has CP. Her blog is private or I would link yall to it so you could see her sweetie! :) Denise, I will need you to email me ( your mailing address sent to me so I can give it to Heather who so graciously donated this prize set :)

Thanks to ALL who donated toward this giveaway, other giveaways or just because. Remember we are drawing for the $50 target gift card next monday so if you donate between now and then your name will be added to that drawing and our "Baby Blessings Package" Giveway is still goint on as well :)

God bless

Monday, May 25, 2009

Last day for Avon True Glow Gift Set Giveaway and last week on Target gift card giveaway!

I will be drawing for the avon gift set tomorow so if you want your name in the drawing please donate today! In honor of memorial day I will put your name in drawing twice for each $5 you donate to Jeremiah!

And this is the last week for the Target $50 Giftcard Giveaway!! I will draw for it on June 1st! :) So if you want your name in that giveaway please make a donation of $10 to the Jeremiah fund! I will also do a special for today Memorial day of 2 entries per donation of $10. We covet all your help and donations with all our heart and we hope some of these giveaways are a small way we can say thank you! :)

Please be in prayer for all our fundraisers, for ideas for fundraisers and for helpers for fundraisers. We are supposed to Walk for Jeremiah on Tuesday to try and sell some on the home and garden fundraising sheets. Please pray for folks willing to come out and and walk with us ;) Also for our baby bottle fundraiser :) Anyone can be involved in that. Basically you save your change in a baby bottle and when full you donate that to The Jeremiah Fund!

Please also see below for our "Baby Blessings Fundraiser" and be watching for more giveaway's to come! Have an idea for a giveaway or a fundraiser? Please post a comment and let me know! :)