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Jeremiah's time in Taiwan

Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Auction and a possible fundraiser YOU can do for Jeremiah!

TO BID please email me or leave a comment to what you want to bid and the amount you are offering with an email where I can contact you!  If you bid I will respond and let you know I got the bid and will update highest bids as often as I can :)  Thanks to everyone for lookin and spreading the word!  We have this set to end March 1st so PLEASE help Spread the Word! :)
This is the online Auction for Jeremiah!  Please look over the items we have for auction and keep checking back as I am praying to have more items soon.  If you would like to bid on an item please send bids to me at  :)  Thanks so much and PLEASE Spread the word!  We have a grab this button Auction button in the sidebar that you can put on your blog on in email signatures or you can post on facebook, egroups, etc.  Let me know each way you do spread the word and I will enter you into the Spread the Word Giveaway for each way you do so :)  A big huge Thank YOU to all who have donated!  If you are anyone you know might want to donate items please email me and let me know :)  I will give them credit and link to their blog or website if they would like! :)   Sooo here we go:) 

This beautiful original watercolor has been donated by sweet friend Tisra over at The Life Train

It is approximatly  9x14 in size.  Winner will pay shipping in addition to whatever amount the winning bid is.
Current High Bid $25 ... bid at

And more from my friend Tisra who adopted her own sweet angel and had some items left over from her fundraising that she has generously donated to us for Jeremiah!  So we also have:

-"Double Lucky" hammered silver necklace by Freshie & Zero ($40 value)
-Charm Star (, as well as Freshie & Zero, are jewelry businesses owned by Beth Lawrence. Her delicious offerings are super high quality, crafted of fine materials, and suit any taste. Pretty, modern, classic.
The Current High Bid is $ at

Photography print: fine art photography print from Row Toward Shore ($25 value)
-Row Toward Shore is a company operated by Kate and Harry Hamernick. They recently adopted from Russia and are using their incredible talent to help other adoptive families fundraise. They are currently fundraising to begin their second adoption for their third child. They also operate JosieBelleDesigns ( and My Forever Family (
Currrent High Bid $10... Bid at

Next we have a Complete Blogover by The Girl Creative

She did the header for us on my Family Blog.  She did an amazing job and I am sure whoever is the winning bidder for this will be very pleased!
Current High Bid $ at

Next up is a $30 Gift Certificate to Pampered Chef!  This item actually helps TWO adoptions as I purchased it through a fundraiser to bring LIZA home!  There are tons of fun things to be had at Pampered Chef
This will be sent the winners home and the winner can shop away with Pampered Chef!
Current High Bid $25... at

Next we have a $50.00 gift certificate to
Knowledge Box Central!  Go HERE to see what all they have!  This was donated by my dear friend CYNDI to her website :)  She lives here in town!  Will be sent to the winner direct from Knowledge Box Central!
Current High Bid $25... bid at

Next we have a Vera Bradley Hipster Bag, Botanica pattern (retired) donated by my dear friend Barbara

New w/o Tags, Excellent Condition

Bag purchased new in 2009, carried once to church
Approx. size 9-1/2" x 11"
Strap adjusts from approx. 26" to 56", can be worn cross body for hands free
2 interior slip-in pockets
2 outer pockets, one open, one zippered
Zipper top closure
Winner pays $4.95 flat rate postage for the purse to be sent to you.
The Current High Bid is $10...  bid at

Next we have a Beautiful Necklace designed by my friend April

This is a brand new Necklace and would be perfect for someone who has a daughter adopted from Asia :)  But anyone really :)  I personally LOVE IT :)  The designer has given it a retail value of $65.  The winning bidder will pay $4.95 flat rate postage for Necklace to be sent to you.
Current High Bid $80... bid at

Next we have this wonderful Tye Dye TShirt from my Friend Heather at Miller's Mercantile!! :) 

Youth size 6/8

100% cotton Jerzess brand t-shirt with dyes from the best at Dharmas Trading Company.
Handmade with love from Milburn Mercantile. Just $3 shipping..
Current High Bid $5... bid at

Next we have this beautiful handmade Rainbow Baby Afgan made and donated by my friend Taryn
size:  approximately 49 by 50
Colors: pink, peach, pastel yellow, pastel green, baby blue, and lavender
Winner will pay postage to have Afgan shipped direct to them.
Current High Bid is $25 ... Bid at

Next we have a brand New Max Lucado The Devotional Bible donated by Uncle Wesley.  This is hardback and brand new!  The picture is poor quality for some reaon on my camera but is a brand new book!

The winner will pay shipping costs.  I believe it will fit in a medium flat rate box that costs like $7.95, or you can pay media mail and padded envelope which would be determined once winners zip code is know.  winners choice.
Current High Bid is $10... Bid at

I also wanted to add that we have Born in My heart Adoption Bracelets available for $2 plus postage in a padded envelope.  Was told by post office they will rip up in the machine in a regular envelope. 

and Sonic Community Discount cards for $5 plus postage.  These were donated by Sonic and 100 percent of proceeds goes to Jeremaih!  There is $17 to $20 value on each card.  These can be mailed in regular envelopes unless you order a bunch or something which is fine too :)

And several have asked or commented they wished there was a way they could help somehow.  We had an idea given to us and have not really gotten if off but I believe I am suppose to put it here for anyone that might want to try to do one where you live.

Jeans for Jeremiah!  The idea is that if you work, and your office either wears uniforms or non casual attire to approach the boss about a Jeans for Jeremiah day.  Employees would be allowed to wear Jeans for this one day for a fee and all the money raised would go to Jeremiah's adoption.  If you would like to see if your job, or a child's school, or a medical office, hospital, whatever might like to get involved and do a Jeans for Jeremiah day please let me know :)  You can use the logo above and even make a flyer with it and a Picture of Jeremiah.  If you want to do something and need me to make a flyer for you to make copies off, let me know, or if you need more information about Jeremiah or our Journey to present to those who would make the decision to allow this.  Even small offices can do it, nothing is too small to help.  A friend wrote on her adoption blog that is 1000 people donated $10 each they would have what they needed.  She was asked do you know 1000 people and she said NO BUT GOD DOES!  I say that here, as well for us at this point if 1300 people donate $10 we will have all we need!  I know I dont know 1300 people and you may not but if we all work together we can come up with enough folks!  This is just an idea since several have said they wanted to find a way to help us raise money.  I think Jeans for Jeremiah could be a good way possibly! :)

Please keep the auction, the puzzle fundraiser, the Jeans for Jeremiah all in prayer as well as the grant applications we are waiting on word about and the grant and loan applications we are currently working on.  As always PLEASE keep Jeremiah in prayer!  Pray against anymore rigideness in his little body, against seizures and for him to be safe and well.  PLEASE pray the funds come quickly and that we can travel to get him SOON!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Blessings and fundraisers abound :)

I wanted to share some blessings with yall!  It has been a very neat few days.  I have had some just wonderful support from dear friends by way of phone calls, posts, emails, etc at a time when I really was needing that and for that I am eternally thankful! :)  In addition to that things have been kinda nutty, one thing will go wrong and then a blessing shows up :)  I am so thankful for the blessings in my life :)  One such thing is that I was contacted by a couple of dear sweet ladies who felt called to help with Jeremiah's Adoption but weren't really sure what they could do.  So they prayed and put their heads together and decided that they could use their sewing talent to help Jeremiah.  They designed a digitized embroidery set and are selling it on their website FOR JEREMIAH!  They are giving 100 percent of the sales direct to our Adoption Fund!  Is that not amazing.  If you are anyone you know sews and might can use either this set or anything from their webstie PLEASE check them out and support them.  Go to THE CHARMING STATION to see what they are selling for Jeremiah :)  and from their you can explore their whole site :) 

As if that was not enough, they also sell a thing called "monsters" on their website.  Well for quality control purposes they make one of each pattern they sell, to make sure it works right I guess and to photograph for the website maybe.  Anyway they have a bunch of these Monster Samples and they are mailing them to me to sell for Jeremiah! 

They thought maybe we would have an opportunity for another craft show or something and can sell them there and I said, not sure about another show but go ahead and send them and we will sell them somewhere! :)  So just a short time after I find out they are on the way I find out about a craft show coming up for a local Gym to fundraise.  They are renting booth space to others to raise money for the gym.  Anyway the booth and table rental is VERY reasonable and if we have these monsters, and our sonic cards

left over from last time, the things from the last sale that were not perishable and the Born in My Heart Adoption bracelets

 we had donated we will have plenty to sell with no cost other than the space rental :)  So I am actually excited!!! She said at the very least they were hoping to help us make back what we lost at that craft show that flopped.  I am so incredibly blessed that they would do this for us :)

And in addition to the blessing of these ladies and their generosity, We have been blessed to have several folks donating items for us to hold an online auction on the fundraising blog.  I am hoping to have it up by next week.  I am waiting on some information and hoping to get some more donations before we start it.  Basically folks can bid on what they would pay for it and at the end of the auction the highest bidder will win.  Bidders will need to pay postage on the items.  PRAY for us please to get some more donations and that folks will want to bid on the things we have.  Also we will need help spreading the word and those who do will have entries put in our Spread the Word Giveaway that will be drawn right before we travel to Taiwan to get Jeremiah when that GLORIOUS time comes :) 

We also have had a few more folks sign up to be involved in the benefit for Jeremiah that is this friday night!  It is funny a few back out and a few more sign up.  But I know it is going to be an amazing night of giving Praise the Lord for who HE is, who Jeremiah is, what God has done in Jeremiah's life and what He is going to do in all our lives! :) 

Friday, January 8, 2010

Barefoot Books Fundraiser! LOOK!!!!


You won't believe this!  I have found the most wonderful books!! I'm in book heaven!!!  There are adoption books, multicultural books, educational books, books for all ages! Single books, or lots of books.  Take a look!!

If you have or are adopting you HAVE to have this book!

Motherbridge of Love

Cherish the special bond between parent and child with this beautiful, anonymously written poem. Through the exchanges between a little girl and her adoptive parent, this poignant selection celebrates love and family.

Text royalties from this book are donated to Mother Bridge of Love, a charity that reaches out to Chinese children all over the world in order to develop a connection between China and the West, and between adoptive culture and birth culture. Xinran, the acclaimed Chinese author, broadcaster and journalist, is the founder of Mother Bridge of Love.

For all ages

Illustrated By: Josée Masse

Hardcover ($ 16.99)

Do you have a child of Chinese Heritage??

The Great Race

The Story of the Chinese Zodiac

Race with the animals of the Zodiac as they compete to have the years of the Chinese calendar named after them. The excitement-filled story is followed by notes on the Chinese calendar, important Chinese holidays, and a chart outlining the animal signs based on birth years.

Ages 4 to 9 years

Retold By: Dawn Casey
Illustrated By: Anne Wilson
Paperback $7.99
Hardcover $16.99

We're Riding on a Caravan

An Adventure on the Silk Road

Join the caravan for an exciting yearlong trek along China's ancient Silk Road. Following the rhyming, treasure-filled story are informational endnotes about the history of the Silk Road, the story of silk, important cities of China, and a full-spread map.

Ages 4 to 10 years

Written By: Laurie Krebs
Illustrated By: Helen Cann

Paperback on sale for only $5.99

What about Tibetan?


Tenzin's Deer
A Tibetan Tale

Meet Tenzin, a kindhearted boy who discovers a wounded musk deer high up in the hills. In this Tibetan tale, Tenzin nurses the deer back to health, and must learn the most important lesson of all: how to love enough to let go.

Ages 5 to 10 years

Written By: Barbara Soros
Illustrated By: Danuta Mayer
Paperback 7.99
Hardcover $16.99

Adopted from India?

Indian Tales

A Barefoot Collection

Venture to a country that is bursting with color, life and contrasts in these lively folk tales. The eight stories in this anthology, each from a different Indian state, feature educational facts and information about the cultures from which they are chosen.

Ages 8 and up
Retold By: Shenaaz Nanji
Illustrated By: Christopher Corr

Hardcover ($ 19.99)

African Heritage??

Hidden Hippo

Journey to the plains and rivers of Africa in search of a hidden hippo. Lots of different African animals are introduced throughout this rhyming, hide-and-seek adventure. Hardcover edition includes endnotes with information about conservation, endangered wildlife and facts about each of the animals featured in the book.

Ages 1 to 4 years
Written By: Joan Gannij
Illustrated By: Clare Beaton
African Tales

A Barefoot Collection
Explore this colorful continent and uncover the rich ways of life of the many peoples who live there. The eight stories in this collection, each from a different African country, feature educational facts and information about the cultures from which they are chosen. The stories are retold by award-winning Xhosa storyteller Gcina Mphlope, from Durban, South Africa. Includes a full-color map.
10% of the proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to Books for Africa, an organization that collects, ships and distributes books to children across the African continent.

Hardcover on sale for $14.99

What about Russian??


Meet Babushka, a woman who is so busy focusing on the little things, that she hardly notices the miraculous events going on around her. This touching Christmas story shows that the more you give away in love, the more you will receive.

Ages 3 to 7 years

Retold By: Sandra Ann Horn
Illustrated By: Sophie Fatus
Hardcover ($ 16.99)

These books are all from Barefoot Books. AND they have started a fundraiser for Jeremiah for us! :) 

If you LOVE these books too, and just have to get one,two or twenty, please do so through my BAREFOOT BOOKS STORE!!!! A percentage will go to our adoption fund. :) . I would be extremely grateful if you would think about our store the next time you are in the market for children's books. And Chinese New Year is just around the corner. How about some great books featuring Chinese culture wrapped up in some pretty red paper for you little one??? 

What about a book from your child's birth culture to read together through the years as you teach them about their cultural background?

I personally love books and think they are amazing tools to help us learn and spend time with our kids, so I really think this fundraiser should do well!  I can't wait till Jeremiah is home and I can just buy some of these books for my boys! :)  Please be praying for this fundraiser and share with everyone you know that might want to buy some books!  These type of books can't just be found anywhere and I am so thrilled to have found a resource for them :)

PLEASE share this fundraiser with everyone you know!  If you spread the word on your blog or facebook or by email and send me to link to see that you did I will add you a chance at our spread the word giveaway we will draw right before we travel to get Jeremiah!  Again go HERE to see our new Barefoot Books Fundraising Store

Monday, January 4, 2010

Lots to share...

I wanted to share about some things we are doing to raise funds for Jeremiah :)  PLEASE keep them all in prayer and if you can possibly help that would be amazing, even if allyou can do is share with others and maybe they can help, and of course prayer is the biggest help.  MONEY is all that separates us from Jeremiah and makes this journey so long for him.  January 15th we will be having a "Get Your Praise On" Benefit for Jeremiah at our Church in Shreveport, LA.  A love offering will be taken that night :)  Check out the flyer I made!  If you are local and are willin to share a flyer at Church or with folks please feel free to print this or let me know and I can send it to you in Word or I can get you one if needed.  So what do you think of the flyer?

We have also been blessed with some adoption bracelets to sell.  They are red and say Born in my heart!  We are selling them for $2 plus postage if you need them mailed.  Let us know if you are interested.

We also have had 300 Sonic Cards donated to us by Sonic.  We sell the cards for $5 each (plus postage if we need to mail them) and there is $17 to $20 sonic value on each card!  A good deal for anyone that ever goes to  Sonic!

We have also had a baby afgan donated to us to auction off!  I will be taking bids on how much you would like to bid.  The highest bidder gets the blanket.  I hope maybe doin it this way will draw more interest than just chances by donation, though as always donations are MOST welcome!  The blanket will be mailed to the winner direct from the friend who made it!

here are the details on the blanket
Size:  49" x 50".

Colors: pink, peach, pastel yellow, pastel green, baby blue, and lavender

And so noone forgets what it is all about, Jeremiah's newest update pictures from November!  PRAYING for december updates soon!

Ain't he beautiful!!!!! :)

I am so proud!  I can't WAIT to hold him in my arms!  PLEASE KEEP all fundraisers in prayer and also the puzzle fundraiser is still going, would love to have some more interest in that!  Goin to be puttin the peices sponsored so far into it this week and posting pics soon :)  Pray for a grant possibility we have to get to them our app by the 7th and still waiting to hear from Show Hope!